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I hope this message finds you and your family well amidst the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus and the corresponding disease COVID-19.    As you probably know, the National President has authorized the waiver of conducting the last two chapter meetings of this year as in-person meetings.    So we are working on trying to handle these meetings electronically in this new age of technology.  Thank goodness for IPC's Susan Odom Houze who is “au currant” on how to make this happen.  The balance of our candidates’ programs will also be conducted using technology.

As your president, I had the pleasure of attending the San Fernando Valley Mardi Gras along with other members of our chapter, Tracie Bowdoin, Leslie Orticke and Nancy Rahim.   The event was extremely festive and we all had a ball.  (Please see photo included in this Legacy).  The Palos Verdes Legacy Luncheon scheduled for Sunday, March 15th was cancelled because of the health concerns with the Coronavirus.

My hope is that the only rain in your world comes from the clouds outside  as here in sunny California, we always need the rain.  But I hope you and your family and loved ones continue to remain healthy during this pandemic.    Our most senior members are the most vulnerable to health scares at a time like this but may also be subject to increased loneliness because of the self-imposed isolation that corresponds to trying to stay home and health.   So please take the time to reach out to at least one of our alumnae members.  They will certainly appreciate the kindness.

As always, I remain, sisterly yours,

Marguerite Denise Downing
IPC President

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